St. Junia's House
St. Junia's Sign
St. Junia's House

What is St. Junia’s House?

We operate as a small house church and retreat center within a private home. You may be aware that in the first two hundred years of the faith, the earliest Christians also met in homes. We have a dedicated chapel here, and we pray the Mass every week. Our liturgy is inclusive and participatory. Estranged Roman Catholics have come here who, perhaps because of divorce and remarriage or other conflicts with personal conscience, were deprived of the Sacraments. Other people have been drawn to a sacramental path and to St. Junia’s who have come out of a fundamentalist or evangelical background. Lectio divina and experience of interpretive community has enlarged their understanding of scripture.
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St. Junia's House Gatherings

We pray, we talk, we eat -- well, mostly we eat! Gathering after Mass in the courtyard at St. Junia’s House for good chow and good conversation. Depicted here is Bp. +Peter, Larry, Radiance, Alicia, and Matt on 5/22/11 after the Mass in which St. Junia's House was consecrated.

St. Junia's garden
St. Francis surrounded by Frere Andre Irises in the garden at St. Junia's House

wall of flowers
Wall of flowers