St. Junia's House

Food for the Body and Spirit

Books, seminars, articles:

From time to time, I will call your attention to a useful or important book or article in this column. These can be recently published volumes or older works that could be of interest and value to the ECC community. And, guest reviewers are very welcome. I also solicit books reviews of books or articles that you think are important for this column as well. Topics could include biblical studies, church history, theology, practical theology, spiritual formation, spiritual direction, pastoral counseling, perspectives from Jewish, Muslim, Christian or other traditions, social justice issues, spiritual biography, and more. Input will be sought from multiple perspectives. If you’ve written and published a book or article, we would be pleased to feature it here.
I will also add seminar notes and other writings of my own or others that may be useful to others. Please note that seminar notes were transcribed by computer as they were heard and experienced, and errors are possible. Also the seminar leaders have not read or approved my notes. Please refer to original sources as needed, and if you find something you believe to be an error, please contact me.

Films of Note:

From time to time, we will review films, which could be "oldies" or recent movies. Two of our young men at St. Junia's House, Matthew Groves and Andrew Gallagher, are experts in film, and I will be calling on them to share their perspectives.

Shoah (pdf)

Recipes of Note:

From time to time, I will post recipes, particularly those that are nutritious, inexpensive, simple, and easy to expand for a larger group, including soups, casseroles, etc. If you have really good recipes to contribute, please send them in and we will credit you in this column.

Stuffed Peppers (pdf)
Thai Coconut soup (pdf)
Vegetable Soup (pdf)
+Elaine’s French Stuffed Pumpkin (pdf)
Communion Bread (pdf)
Rosa Lee's Turkey Dressing (pdf)
Rosa Lee's Peach Cobbler (pdf)