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Weekly Lectionary Readings and Homily; Other biblical studies by Rev. M-J+ and others she recommends.

The Sunday weekly readings and homily from St. Junia’s House are posted each week and they will also be archived.
If you wish to receive the homily directly by email, please contact us.

Weekly Lectionary Readings and Homilies:

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Other Biblical Studies:

Pastoral Care:

On our blog, 'meanderings,' we are publishing a weekly series for pastoral counselors called: Emergent or Urgent Situations for the Pastoral Counselor: Mental Health Emergencies and ABC's of What to Do First. After they have appeared on the blog, they will be archived here. If you are interested in writing a segment, please read the information in our overview of the series in Part 1.

St. Junia’s House Lending Media Library:

We have a small collection of audio CDs or DVD courses, mostly pertaining to religious topics and we are willing to loan them to anyone, clergy or lay, within the ECC. From time to time, we will add new courses, as funds permit.

Course descriptions: If you would like to read the descriptions of a course before requesting it, you can go to for the Teaching Company courses and to for those from Now You Know Media.

Conditions of loan:
  1. The loan period is for 3 weeks and you will be provided a mailer for the return and a postcard reminder after two weeks. If there is no one waiting for the item, one extension can be made.
  2. One program is loaned at a time. Upon return, another program can be provided.
  3. If the discs are lost or damaged, you agree that you will pay for replacement of the course.
  4. It is unlawful to copy the CDs or DVDs.
How to borrow: Please email your request with the following information: Name, your mailing address, phone numbers, email address, name of your ECC parish or ministry, the name of the program(s) you wish to borrow. If you desire to borrow more than one program, please list the order in which you would prefer to receive them.

Media Collection (pdf)