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An Introduction to the Ecumenical Catholic Communion

What is the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC)?

The ECC is a communion of sacramental communities which share in common purposes and goals. There are ECC communities all over the U.S. with ordained priests and deacons as well as an informed, active laity who share in their governance. The roots of the ECC are found in Old Catholic and other valid apostolic groups who were originally part of the Roman Catholic Church but who did not accept the late-emerging dogma of infallibility of the Pope. There are multiple strands of Christian sacramental traditions which have led into the ECC. The reader is referred to the ECC link where its constitution and other published articles are available for downloading and review. I particularly recommend Father Jim Farris’ article, “Unity and Peace.”

The Progressive Catholic Review: An Evangelical and Ecumenical Discourse:

The Community of St. Francis (ECC) has launched an electronic publication, with Volume 1, Number 1 issue published at Easter, 2010. It is located on the website for the community's educational ministry, the St. Francis Virtual House of Studies. We will point out and comment on articles published in the PCR from time to time.

Recovering and Revisioning the Office of Bishop
(Right Reverend Raphael Adams, OSF):

The early history of ordained ministries is sparse, and there is much that we do not know, but it is generally believed that the hierarchical pattern that evolved after the first three hundred years of Christianity was influenced by the Roman governmental civil system. Following that model resulted in changes that ultimately rigidified and changed the collegiality, reciprocity and dynamic exchange between bishops, priests, deacons, and laity. Both a deeper understanding of history and hindsight about what has or has not worked when such models have been imposed on the church will help us now. In the ECC, the polity that has developed, as based in its constitution, is one of shared decision-making, aspiring to recoup something of the model set forth by Ignatius. The reader is referred to this excellent but lengthy article which is well worth the time to read.
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"Open It Up, and Here’s the People":

The Laity as an Order of Ministry (Reverend Doctor Gregory H. Singleton, OFR). In some institutional churches, the differences between laity and ordained are immense and can reflect a distinct pecking order. The fullness of the charisms of the laity have thus been impoverished or diminished. This does not seem to have been the early New Testament model, and in the ECC, the approach is one of reciprocity and shared priesthood of all believers, cooperative responsibility, while honoring the special spiritual charisms of both ordained and laity. This excellent article provides a very useful history of changing perspectives and makes many practical suggestions about the inter-relationship between laity and other orders.
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The Excellence of Synodal Polity

(Reverend Doctor James Farris). Perspectives on influences in polity related to various cultural groups and the pluralistic approach to ecclesial life and polity in the ECC are delineated in this article.
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