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It appears that the discussion in the House of Pastors has reached resolution and it is very encouraging to see that seemingly contentious issues can resolve. The Holy Spirit has done her work!

Speaking of which, the Holy Spirit was at work at the St. Matt’s Women’s Retreat held in Lake Arrowhead this past weekend.  Close bonds were being formed among those who had not known each other before, and even closer bonds among those who already had friendships. There were sixteen of us! Victoria Anderson was a dynamite retreat leader, and all the women who worked on the food did an outstanding job with an incredible menu and beautiful presentation. The space lent to us by Carol Taunton was superb…very luxurious accomodations and plenty of room, with gorgeous views from the windows and the yard. I cannot say enough of the spirit of the weekend, being the newest person there. Many or most have been in this community for a decade or longer.

Several began in the St. Matt’s community by virtue of its wedding ministry. I had not realized that for many disenfranchised Roman  Catholics who were entering into a second marriage and wanted to be married by a priest that this ministry leads to so many becoming regular participants in the parish!

I am now getting ready for another weekend of activity. We’re having an open house at St. Junia’s House on Saturday from 6-8 PM. The Mass at 8 AM on Sunday will include the Incardination Rite. And it will be followed by coffee and chinese dim sum and asian pastries afterward, and hopefully some friends from the 10:30 AM Mass will come a little early and join us as well.

Blessings, M-J+

The discussion of a particular issue which I will not reiterate here in this public forum has been very intense with a huge number of posts. Just as I think I have some grasp of what is going on, more information comes that brings my insight into doubt. But this is how the Church has to operate, where all the voices are heard. The issue at hand goes back to at least 2005 and apparently never reached a true consensus. So now it is back with a vengeance. I thought the input from the House of Laity seemed to have the greatest clarity on the matter. The House of Pastors  is in uproar. The written record and the oral history of the conflict leave many gaps in understanding and it seems impossible to reconstruct what actually went on. I know what is happening here is part of the maturation and growth of the ECC system and we ultimately will be stronger for having gone through this process. For those of you reading who are not in the ECC, I am sure that you’ve gone through similar growing pains in other denominations. When there is no longer a “top down” edict that has to be followed, the participants have to learn to talk to one another and allow the Holy Spirit to operate. The alternatives are the top-down model, or simply opting out and abandoning the process. That I will not do, but it is time for me to be quiet and just live with the tension and discomfort  in not being able  to reach a conclusion. Blessings, M-J+

I’ve posted this study in a pdf file on the website. It was developed for our St. Matt’s Women’s Retreat to take place this weekend. Go to the first page of the website and on the left, click on Homilies, biblical studies link. You’ll then be taken to the page where homilies are available, and other biblical studies. You can feel free to remove my header and replace it with your own, and to change the last page so that feedback comes to you instead of me. But I request that the St. Matthew ECC Church footer with copyright remain. And I’d be very interested in any feedback if you use this for personal study, or for a group, so that we can improve it.

This next week’s homily for 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time has already been posted as well. If you’d like to receive our weekly homilies by email, write me and you’ll be put on our list.

Blessings, M-J+

Dear friends,
Here is the schedule which has been firmed up:

August 27-29, 2010: St. Matt’s Women’s Retreat to be held at Lake Arrowhead. I’ve developed a meditation guide on the 23rd Psalm for this occasion, which considers its 15 phrases one at a time, looking at the layers of meaning to be discovered in the Hebrew and Aramaic languages in which it was composed, and considering cultural influences on its interpretation that have been long lost to us. If you want a copy for your personal study, I will advise you when it has been posted on my website.

Saturday, September 4th from 6-8 PM – Open House at St. Junia’s in Anaheim. Please contact me for physical address. We’ll have tacos, beer (or non-alcoholic drinks), and dessert. An RSVP by noon would be appreciated.

Sunday, September 5th, 8 AM – Mass at St. Matt’s, during which Bp. +Peter will incardinate M-J+ into the ECC.

Sunday, September 5th, 9:15 AM – a Starbucks breakfast to be held at St. Matt’s immediately after Mass. An RSVP would be appreciated by Friday, 9/3/10.

Blessings to you all, M-J+

We are preparing for the upcoming incardination rite to take place on Sunday, September 5th at the 8 AM Mass at St. Matt’s in Orange. We are also hosting a party the night before, from 6-8 PM — very simple, tacos, beer or non-alcoholic drinks, and dessert — to invite people from St. Matt’s to get acquainted with us here. And I’m thinking of some kind of breakfast after the Mass, but that hasn’t yet jelled.

I’ve just joined the listserv for the House of Pastors (HOP) in the ECC and am “listening” to a lot of opinions about some issues that are pending, to be addressed at the Synod Meeting in St. Louis at the end of October.

And our ECC Women’s Clergy listserv is up and running. We are including women who are leading any ECC ministries whether they are ordained or not, and we’re up to 15 members thus far.

Having just returned from NC and visiting my elderly parents, I am still in jet lag and have a lot of work to catch up on, plus finish preparations for the St. Matt’s Women’s Retreat to be held in Lake Arrowhead next weekend. That will be very exciting! I am completing a set of meditations on the 23rd Psalm that look at the underlying Hebrew and Aramaic translations/interpretations which bring out a richness that is lost in our English versions. I’ll make that available to anyone who’d like to use it for personal study or perhaps for a study group.

There’s some activity on this blog, but it seems like there’s more “immediacy” in the Facebook networking. I’m trying to do both, but will probably reserve more substantive conversations for the blog. But as I am learning about media communication, I think perhaps my prior “meanderings” entries have just been too long. Perhaps a combination of short entries with longer documents available for download will be a better approach? I’d appreciate knowing your thoughts and if there are particular areas of interest you’d like to see addressed. We’ve gotten a number of short anonymous emails from folks who seem to like what we’re doing although they are not specific enough to use to follow up. Blessings to you for this upcoming Lord’s Day! M-J+

Dear friends,
I just got a letter of incardination into the ECC from Bp +Peter! It is almost five months since I resigned my previous religious order and the process with ECC is very complex and involves hard work on the parts of several people. I think I made it through the process in record time! Another miracle for me! I have felt in the last five months that I had really found a home. So many good people! So many good friends already! It is rather frightening to lay your soul bare but in the end, all I found was love and acceptance along with some astute observations about what I’d been through. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be a part of this communion.  I’m definitely home. I have a wonderful bishop who refers to his priests as “co-workers,” which is wonderful. However, I must say that I’ve joked around with friends who have followed this process. One friend refers to incardination as reincarnation. Yeah, I think that is close to accurate. I do feel like I’ve reincarnated to another life haha! Fr. J0n+ who was incardinated a few weeks ago said that Rev. Janine told him he was now “incarcerated,” because she has someone else to write homilies now! I am glad even to be incarcerated and put to work too!  Love to all, M-J+