Dear friends,

On 12/23/10, I first posted detailed information about an upcoming webinar event to be held at St. Junia’s House (see post below on that date). If you are interested in attending at St. Junia’s House, please contact me at your earliest convenience. If you are too distant to join us, you can sign up for the webinar on your own for $1o. It looks like it will be very good. There have been numerous “hits” on this blog for the names of the seminar leaders. I’ve been reading some of their previous publications, articles and books, and think that it will be a very significant experience. They are dealing with the theological issue of Atonement from an Orthodox Christian perspective. Whether you can come here or attend by webinar on your own, I hope we can have some interesting discussion about the concept of atonement, and some of the controversies and thinking around it. Blessings, M-J+