Many years ago, an aunt of mine died and there were various household items that were made available for any family member to claim who wanted them. There was a small wooden plaque that read “The hurrider I go, the behinder I get” which I took and hung on my wall in my office. At that time, I had 3 business partners and we shared a total of 5 office condo units that were all interconnected, and the plaque truly describe the dilemma of my life.

But some years ago, I began to rethink my priorities. I ended up selling off my office condos except for one small unit of 400 square feet (It was my favorite one) and downsizing my practice. My business partners went their own way and I went mine, and I discharged employees, choosing to practice more simply and in a solo mode. Still, I cannot say that the words of the plaque no longer apply. The various pieces of artwork and the plaque were discarded when I downsized. But I never have forgotten the words. And today, alas, I must report that I have not gotten past “the hurrider I go, the behinder I get”!

We have fallen behind on our series for pastors dealing with emergent or urgent mental health emergencies. Some of our ECC colleagues in Boston and Belgium have already submitted segments for this series. They will require some editing to fit with the requirements of this series, but they will be very worthy additions that will prove useful to clergy and lay spiritual counselors alike. The last month has been more demanding than I expected, but we will get back to adding new segments to this series. And if you wish to contribute, you can contribute either by writing a response to an existing segment or writing a segment for us. If you need to see the plan for this series, go to my website and go to the link on the left side of the first page that says “Pastoral,” and it will take you to the series we’ve done thus far. The  first segment which lays out the format that we are attempting to follow, so if you want to write for us, we need for you to read this. Using a consistent format will help us when we get to the stage of publishing our work in a book. It is our hope that by the time of the next ECC Synod in November 2012, we will be at a stage to complete editing and to approach a major publisher.

So, my friends, pray for this endeavor, as I believe we are producing something that will be very useful and unique. And we hope to be able to take into account approaches to these problems from around the world.

Blessings, M-J+


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