Dear friends,
If you’ve been following the ECC Facebook page, you are already aware of events in the last two weeks, when several European communities have been welcomed into the ECC. We now have groups in Vienna, Belgium, Poland, and Lithuania. And what is so awesome is the number of young adults who love Jesus, who are very serious about their Christian commitment! Bishop +Peter Hickman and several others traveled and met with these communities.

And now, we have one individual from Belgium who is coming to the U.S. for an entire month! Jetty van den Berghe who is a Novice in the Good Shepherd ECC is going to visit ten ECC communities across three states in the southwest U.S during October! She will learn a lot about us, and she will be able to share her experiences and insights about ECC-E (ECC – Europe) as it begins its journey along side us. We have cultural and language differences that will require a lot of work. The Europeans, in general, are much better educated than most Americans as far as having learned two or more languages. Jetty writes and speaks English in addition to her native language of Dutch. For several months, she has been an important presence on the ECC FB page, often bringing us meditations and spiritual insights. She and I have become good friends. She is a musician and will be sharing some of her music with us.

When I wrote my last post about being behind, I had no idea how busy I would be and how much worse it would get haha! It is all good! Even though I am behind, I haven’t been sitting on my behind haha! We have been extremely busy in our ministries here. I am also in my “high season” as far as my work in the court system — in September and October, work really piles up because all the attorneys and judges have returned from their vacations and so court orders have ended up on my desk. I am paddling as hard as I can! I really want to get back to our project of writing regarding mental health emergencies for pastors. I wanted to at least let those of you who follow this blog know what is going on. Most of the activity is on the ECC FB page. And of course, I have my own FB page (under Martha Rogers). We covet your prayers and participation. If you are in southern California, the Phoenix, AZ area, or the Las Cruces, NM area and would like to participate in one of our communities, you can find out about us from the ECC website ( Things have happened so fast that not all of our communities are listed or linked there, but it is still a good place to start.

My local community website, where homilies, biblical study materials and other resources are available, along with photos and other information can be found at Our “big sister” community ten minutes away, St. Matthew ECC, is also on FB and we have a website as well at

So we look for you to join us on FB and in one of our communities if one is near you. And, if not, perhaps you could be the one who initiates a group in your own local area. We will do anything we can to help you.

Blessings, M-J+