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Dear friends of St. Junia’s House,
I just couldn’t resist telling you that — because I can track traffic through our blog — someone from the Holy See in Rome looked at us. They were apparently seeking information on Norma Jean Coons, the independent catholic (“Roman Catholic Women Priests”) deacon who renounced her ordination a few months ago. Well, I still pray for Norma Jean, wherever she may be these days.

It has been a month since I’ve been able to post anything here. Things have been incredibly busy, but I hope to get back to our series on mental health issues for clergy in the near future. I am in North Carolina as I write this, visiting my 90 and 91 year old parents and other family members.

Dear ECC friends, It was bound to happen sooner or later: One of the so-called RCWP cracked under pressure. Those women who were validly ordained by bishops who were NOT RC have probably had much less pressure because we didn’t INSIST that we are RC priests. Yes, I will pray for Norma Jean as the article suggests, but respectfully, I don’t accept the Magisterium’s concrete reasoning about priesthood. I’d be very interested in your opinions, pro and con.

Blessings, M-J+

Member of \’Roman Catholic Women Priests\’ Repents and Reconciles with Church